A loan can help you achieve some goals or to solve eventualities that you did not have planned

Asking for a loan is very useful, as long as you are well informed to know how to handle it and get the most out of it. Although it seems complicated, it is much simpler than it seems.

If you are already decided, take these 9 tips into account and at the end, you will know how to ask for a loan and how to use it to get the most out of it.

1.- State what use you will give to the loan money

The first thing you should think before applying for a loan is what you are going to occupy it for and you must:

  • Define the end

Before taking out a loan, it is important that you have defined what you want it for: if you are going to occupy it for an emergency or to help a family member, or because you need to invest in that small business that you just started.

  • Raise objectives

Trace what are the objectives you want to achieve, taking into account what you want to achieve with the credit so that you are better oriented when choosing the destination of the money.

Eye! Whatever the reason you are thinking about applying for a loan www.green-touch.org/ payday-advance, it is very important to have a clear objective, especially when this type of loan is granted to use it in whatever you want and, if we are not careful, you can misuse it. that money.

A loan can help you achieve some goals or to solve eventualities that you did not have planned.

Knowing what you are going to ask for a loan for and how you will use it will help you get the best advantage.

2.-Look for a loan that suits what you’re looking for

It is possible to find a credit that is specific and adapts to what you need at the time you need it.

There are credits for each project: buying homes, cars, businesses, and payroll.

If you are thinking of remodeling your home, investing in a business or need to cover an unexpected expense, but not enough, requesting an immediate personal credit can be a very good option.

The advantages of asking for a loan is that it will be able to resolve your situation effectively. You only need to have a good planning, that is, to define objectives and, above all, the destiny that you will give to that money.

3-Know the types of credit there

We have different people, dreams, goals, and objectives, that is why financial institutions attend each one to help us achieve them.

We have talked about the time when it is appropriate to ask for a loan. However, you also have to know the types of credit there are. By identifying them, you will find out which one is right for you according to the situation in which you find yourself.

  • Home

This credit helps you to fulfill the dream of buying your house or apartment. Also if you need to make some land.

The objectives and goals to acquire this type of credits have to be very well thought out because the payment terms can go up to 20 years.

  • Self-financing

As the name says, these types of loans are requested when you need to buy a car. As with mortgage credit, you have to have a good planning of expenses because the payments are also a bit long and your car will remain as a guarantee.

  • Deal

There is also a credit to start a business or invest in one that is already established, they are known as business loans. In order for a financial institution to grant you one, you must check how this money is going to be spent.

That is, if your business has to do with baking, you must specify what you are going to buy with the credit they give you.

It is not so necessary to ask for one if your business is small in those cases it is convenient for another type of loan, such as payroll.

  • Roster

Payroll loans are loans given by a financial institution and payments are deducted from your salary.

The advantages of these credits are that you can request them according to your ability to pay and when you need it. Just remember to keep in mind what you are going to use them for.

If you work in the government, check if your institution has an alliance with Credifiel and request a payroll credit to begin to meet your goals.

Requesting a credit when you are well informed will make you make better decisions to use the money at the time you need it, without having to resort to informal solutions or making pacts with the devil.

4.- Ask for a personal credit when you have clear objectives

As we explained in the first point, you have to define what you want to apply for a credit for. However, one must also understand what times it is very useful to make use of this type of loans.

You can make castles in the air when you have money, but when it comes to applying for a loan and taking advantage of it, it is important that you know when it is appropriate to ask for one. A correct time to request a loan is:

  • Start a business.

There is no better time to approach a loan than to start a business. The reason? It is an investment that will end up benefiting you in a certain period and you will stop relying solely on your salary.

Also, think that you are adding value to that money, because when you invest it you are making it grow.

  • Invest in your existing business
  • Remodeling your house
  • Cover unexpected expenses

If you already have a business, but you are thinking that now is the time to make it grow, asking for a loan is a very good alternative.

Identify what you need to budget, as tools or raw materials and allocate the money to that.

Do not deviate it in what is not essential for your growth goals. When you are ready for the changarrito to grow more, you can repeat the process.

A good time to approach a financial institution to apply for a loan is to give life to your home. Well, being in a nice space is important.

Using the money from a loan to house your house has its advantages and is a good way to take advantage of it because it is family property and although the investment does not return in bills, it is attributable in better housing quality.

  • Travel

It is also worth using the money to get out of your conventionality or to rest. Taking a trip disconnects you from your daily routine and surely when you return to your work routine you will have a better performance. Traveling is also having the quality of life.

Surely sometimes you are going through emergency situations for which you were not economically prepared, such as illnesses or accidents, which involve very large expenses and that you can not cover in a single pull.

Simply because the salary does not reach or you do not have the money at the moment that is needed, you see yourself in the need to look for the money in another way and sometimes it is very difficult.

An immediate credit is a very good way to get out of that kind of trouble that scratches your wallet. One of the advantages is the ease and speed of the response of the financial institutions that offer them.

Nereida is a teacher in a public elementary school and two months ago her daughter Alejandra, who studies tourism, had to make a trip to Mérida to do some internships.

In order to help her daughter, Nereida approached a financial institution and applied for a loan. After 24 hours they gave him the amount he needed so that Alejandra could make her school trip.

“I asked for a loan via payroll and they gave it to me very quickly. The payments are deducted from my salary automatically, it was very simple and it really helped me, “explains Nereida.

5.- Do not spend on anything

As we have seen, credits are used at specific times, so it is important to be aware that using them at times that are not useful can be a serious mistake. Do not waste your bullets!

You must take into account that this credit is money that they lend you and you can not get excited as if it were a Christmas bonus and use it to squander.

Taking that into account, we tell you situations in which it is not good to take a credit:

  • Buy everything

It is not a departmental credit, so avoid asking for one to buy purple tennis shoes with orange that you just saw in the store or to make your mom’s collection of porcelain angels bigger.

Do not waste a credit opportunity on things that are not really necessary. If you want them, better save money to buy them.

Think of the opportunities you let go when you do not use the money correctly, especially a loan.

  • Weekend departures
  • For your routine expenses

Do not use the credits to pay for movies at weekends or to take your family out to breakfast every Sunday.

It is a mistake to use the credits to solve this type of tastes, which can be avoided. There are things that do have to be paid with our income. The joke is to occupy the credits to meet larger goals and objectives.

This includes using the money from a loan to pay for the pantry each week and covering the daily meals and meals.

It must be clear that credits must be requested at certain times and not as a method to save the entire fortnight. Remember that the credits are paid and with interest.

6.- Do not ask for more

This point is very important because you are about to say how much money it is prudent to ask for in a loan. Quiet! Just stick to the plan.

Once you know what or what you are going to use the credit for, the next thing is to define the amount you need. For this, it is advisable to determine a budget that has two things:

The money that is needed to cover in full the cost of what you are going to pay, buy or, where appropriate, what you are going to invest.
The impact will have on personal finances. You have to take into account the total payment of the debt together with the interest included and the time determined to pay.
In this way, it will be much easier to know how much money is reasonable to ask not to depress your personal and family finances, without affecting the goal and for which you are asking for the loan.

7.- Evaluate your best option

This goes hand in hand with quantity and purpose. Take into account that not all financial institutions handle the same types of credit, nor the same conditions.

Because of this, it is important to consult the options that exist. Approach the experts and the staff that works where you plan to apply for the loan.

They can guide you and clear your doubts about the amount of money they can lend you. Also, they will inform you about the total amount you will pay, the settlement periods and other details.

Having clear and timely information is the best way to maintain a healthy economy and maximize the opportunities that a credit can give you.

8.- Meet all the requirements

If sometimes you stop your opportunities because you think that to ask for a credit they ask for too many things, or, that you must leave something in the guarantee. It will depend on the institution where you request it and the type of credit.

To apply for a loan, you will usually be asked for the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years old and up
  • At least one year of employment, this varies depending on the financial institution and the type of credit
  • Some official identification (It can be your INE or passport)
  • Credit application
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income
  • Account status

9.- Look at the conditions

Get trout! The conditions are one of the things that you must pay a lot of attention because it is the way in which the contract of a loan will be made.

The conditions are something that any executive of a serious financial institution should answer you, so when we are in front of him you have to ask all the doubts about the credit.

Do all the questioning you want and express your doubts. If something was not completely clear Takeoff! the sorrow! Ask the person who answers your credit request to explain it again.

Similarly, ask to be informed about the following:

  • Term for payment
  • Interests
  • Guarantee asking for payment
  • Whether or not it is necessary to have a guarantee
  • Payment format

Knowing this type of things will help you to define your goal more realistically and to take all the juice out of your credit. You will also avoid some unpleasant surprises that affect your experience, your goals, and your economy.

10- Investigate if it is reliable

You already know that you have to plan, define objectives, ask about conditions and why not use a loan, but … How to know if it is reliable?

Knowing which institution you are going to ask for a loan does not have to be a mess. To avoid falling with charlatans, you just have to be aware of the following:

  • It does not lend you more than you can afford.

The first thing you must understand is that no serious financial institution is going to lend you more than what you can pay based on the amount you receive from salary.

There is a reason for you to be asked for your income vouchers before granting a credit: your ability to pay.

With this information, financial institutions value the amount they can lend you.

  • It asks you permission to review private information.

A formal finance company will not review your private information without you authorizing them, so they must ask for your written permission to verify your credit bureau.

  • It gives you clarity

The financial institution that you approach must be very clear in the forms of credit they handle, terms, interests, and payment periods, so as not to be confused.

  • It is registered

If you are dealing with a serious company, you must also be registered with the Condusef.

  • There are alliances

If you work in the government there are financial institutions that have alliances with the government, they are safe and have many benefits. If you work in the government, this option suits you.

Taking into account these points will have you better oriented when approaching an institution to apply for a loan.

The most important thing is that you are calm and know that there are alternatives to get out of trouble or fulfill your goals. The credits are an excellent support if you know how to handle them well.