Get financing without costs with a payday loan and solve unforeseen problems in your economy

There are many ways to obtain financing in a market in which there are more and more private credit companies. Companies offer increasingly competitive credit products that seek to attract new customers. For this reason, we will not find it difficult to find promotions of free mini credits in the market that offer up to 300 euros with a deadline to return 30 days with zero interest for new customers. However, we also find offers for which we have already needed quick money on another occasion. It is a good opportunity to have the free financing we need to face a specific unforeseen event that unbalances our economic planning for the month. A good option if we do not want to finish the budget month.

Is there really a free mini-credit?

The answer is yes, but it is also necessary that we know the conditions of the promotion of which we are going to benefit. It is usually deals aimed at new customers who are looking for a mini-loan without cost, although this is not always the case. We can also find them focused on those who have requested a loan before. Its conditions allow us to benefit from a zero cost for an amount of up to 300 euros with a deadline to pay 30 days, so we will only have to return the loan amount without cost if we comply with the requirements that appear in the contract.

To be able to take advantage of a mini-loan without cost we will have to be subject to the conditions of each company. For this reason, we must request financing within the reimbursement period, but also return the capital within the expected return period.

A good option to get fast money with responsibility

A mini-loan without cost is a loan designed to deal with a setback that requires a low amount that we can solve in the short term. For example, we can use this type of financing to pay a traffic ticket, repair a washing machine or an emergency visit to our dentist.

In addition, we can get even more out of it and it will come out cheaper if we can match the return of the mini-loan without cost with the date in which we have access to our current account. It is a good strategy to obtain Bridge Payday loans to solve your financial problem.

A free mini-loan that becomes more expensive if we do not return it on time

Suppose we request a free mini-credit of 300 euros that has no interest and that we choose to repay in a month. However, after these 30 days, it has been impossible for us to have such amount. The options that we can download are the following:

  • Request an extension: depending on the lender we will assume an additional average cost of € 30 for one month of extension. According to the company, during this period we will also have to add the interests that have been generated. For € 300 we will have to add € 90 more.
  • Enter delay: in this case, we will have to pay the 90 € of interest on the loan, the delay commission, whose cost will range between 20 and 40 euros and, lastly, the default interest that will be established by each lender. These interests are higher than ordinary interests.

In the end, we will be paying more than double the amount we had requested by making use of free financing. In case we can not cope with the return of our free mini loan, it is always better to contact the lender to request an extension when the due date approaches than to go into arrears.