How to handle money if you are a wasteful person

How to Handle Money if You Are a Wasteful Person ?

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Is it hard for you to make ends meet? Don’t you realize what your salary is going on? If you are in any of these situations, you may need to learn how to handle expenses efficiently.
To spend money we must know our limits and spend on what we can afford. From Malabi Ona we recommend you follow these tips on how to manage your economy in an efficient way:

Identify what you spend your money on:

This is the first step you have to do, identifying how you spend your money is an indication of how you can start managing your finances better. Some people who are considered wasteful people like to spend money on their hobbies, others on clothes or jewelry. You need to find out what your money is spent in order to create a plan dedicated to keeping your savings under control and only use Malabi Ona advances only when they are really needed.
If you feel the constant need to buy things, maybe you have a problem and this is something you should control.

Monitor your daily expenses

It is recommended that you write down a spreadsheet or a notebook to identify your spending trend. Once you have all the information, you will be able to identify what is an essential expense and what is a necessary expense.

Use cash

It is advisable to get money at ATMs and buy what we need by paying in cash instead of with the credit card. Using cash more often, you will have the ability to contain yourself. In addition, we all like to see the wallet full than empty!

If you are a person who likes to spend, you need to learn to save money. You can start by creating a list of goals that you want to achieve by saving, instead of spending. Use this moment to motivate you to achieve the objectives you have set. We suggest you start with daily financial goals, then go to weekly goals and finally, monthly, in order to reach the level you want.

Look for alternatives not to spend more

Try to borrow items you need occasionally. For example, if you want to make a trip to a park in the middle of nature, you can borrow a tent from a friend or relative. So you avoid filling your home with things that you may not use again and you do not have to buy a new one with the expense that this implies. The same situation can be applied if you have a party, you don’t have to always buy new shoes or clothes. Maybe you can create a new combination with borrowed clothes.

Schedule your purchases

When you go to the supermarket to do the shopping, get listed what you need and don’t get out of there. At the entrance of supermarkets, many products that are not essential to tempt you to buy something you do not need are strategically placed!

Learn to recycle

Using the three R rule ( reduce, recycle, reuse ) can be a great ally. Recycle and redeem items instead of always buying everything new.
Learning to manage your money if you are a wasteful person is something that involves a lot of work but it is not impossible. By following these simple steps, you can change your lifestyle and learn to save and prepare budgets.

In this way, if one day an unexpected expense arrives and you need to request fast money, you can do it without worrying about returning to old habits. In addition, you will see that, little by little, if you incorporate new saving habits, you will live more calm and relieved.